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Welcome to the Bermudez School of Music! This site is a compilation of instructional videos that work in combination with level one and level two lead guitar books written by JR Bermudez. The lessons will teach you all of the tools you need to play effectively, with style, speed and most importantly CLEANLINESS! You will be able to rock hard to Black Sabbath, jam with the Beatles and play with the groove of the Black Keys before you know it!

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B Flat Blues Guitar Solo – Amazing! Fun!

Here is a little blues guitar solo/jam session we recorded yesterday!  REALLY fun!  My favorite parts are at ~0:39, ~2:30 and ~3:30

PLUS we have a little theory to go with it!  Check it out below.  Plus some shameless plugs for the guitar lessons.  (Hey, B.B. King himself took lessons, you should too! )  Also, you can watch the videos in HD by clicking on that gear looking button in the lower right-hand corner of the video.

Hey, thanks again for checking out the site!   More to come!

-JR and Eric