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Welcome to the Bermudez School of Music! This site is a compilation of instructional videos that work in combination with level one and level two lead guitar books written by JR Bermudez. The lessons will teach you all of the tools you need to play effectively, with style, speed and most importantly CLEANLINESS! You will be able to rock hard to Black Sabbath, jam with the Beatles and play with the groove of the Black Keys before you know it!

Key advantages of the Bermudez  book-and-video approach:

  • Get a structured lesson plan that you can't recreate by looking up random videos on Youtube.
  • Tried-and-true lessons will greatly accelerate the speed in which you learn professional guitar skills.  JR has developed the two lead books after 20+ years of teaching guitar professionally.
  • Up-close and detailed descriptions of techniques you will need to nail solos with professional speed and precision.
  • Unlike clumsy DVD's, the Bermudez School of Music's online format is easy to use and updated with new content at no extra cost
  • Will cut back on the frustration of trying to learn a complex instrument on your own OR clean up and improve your current skills.

In addition, there are videos on how to play classic songs while learning some theory at the same time, so you can understand and create your own music with ease!

So, just to help you navigate around the site, all of the posts on this page are free, as are the songs. The lesson section is for members only and is where the real magic happens!  First week is free, then it is just $4.99 per month.  VERY affordable.  We really suggest signing up for the free week and if you don't like it, cancel any time.  Seriously.

Again, thanks for checking it out, we encourage you to sign up (learn how to play for about a cheeseburger a month, cant beat that) and make sure to come back to check out the site for more updates and freebies!


JR and Eric

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