The Bermudez School of Music website is a collaborative effort between JR Bermudez and Eric Harrison.  JR is the moviestar and Eric does all of the behind the scenes work.

JR Bermudez has been instruction guitar for over 20 years and has a full instructional studio in Lima Ohio (the inspiration for Glee!).  JR has extensive experience in playing lead in a variety of styles, from rock, to blues to metal. He has played in several bands over the years and continues to play for local blues groups and orchestras.

Eric Harrison was a client of JR and has been playing since November of 2011.  While taking lessons, Eric wondered why we just didnt have video lessons to go with the book. Things got a rollin' and now you have the website you see today.

Notes: Private Sounds of Music is located at 280 N. Eastown Road, Lima OH 45807. Check out JR Bermudez Private Sounds of Music on Facebook for store hours, happenings, contact info and more!

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  1. Thank you for your interest!! We should have the website fully operational in a few weeks. When we do, there will be a book you can buy or download in PDF format that goes along with all the videos. JR wrote the book himself a few years ago, we are just getting this site set up. Should be pretty sweet! Feel free to check out all of the videos until then. Its a pretty heavy focus on blues-style lead. Blues was the backbone of rock ‘n’ roll so translates well into all of styles of play. We are working on some advanced lessons as well. Really deep stuff! Keep rocking, Suresh.


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