01-Octave Bending

Welcome to your first lesson - Octave bending. Join JR as he explains the basics to bending notes. This technique is critical for blues-style music and functions as one of the building blocks of the rock 'n roll style.

Getting this move down solid will set a strong foundation for nailing those future solos.

First thing is first, you are going to want to hear your pitch note, so you know how far to go.

Once you become familiar with that sound, use your ring finger (bring in the middle finger for support and control!  Watch the video!)  and bend the note up towards your body.  Repeat.  Repeat.   Repeat. Repeat....

Finally, get a little fancy and move up to the 18th fret.  Get a little Metallica out of your system!

Check the book for the remainder of the lesson, you have the basics.  It will include a cool little ending and a vibrato~~!!!


Also, if you have not downloaded the entire lesson book for printing from the "Lessons" page, you can also get it here:
Lead Guitar 101 Online Lesson Book


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